When Chevrolet partnered with the Lego Batman Movie, it wasn’t at first clear what the connection between the two could be. Turns out, most of the Batmobiles throughout history were based on either a Chevrolet chasis, or powered by Chevy engines. So we decided to launch the Lego Batmobile as the newest Chevrolet.

To do so, we launched it the way Chevrolet would launch any new vehicle, and let the humor come from the disconnect of treating this Lego-sized crime-fighting vehicle no different than, say, a Chevy Malibu.

The highlight was a parody of the current Chevrolet commercials. Batman may or may not have been used as a metaphor for the types of obnoxious drivers this particular writer has little regard for…

The spot garnered millions of views online.

And we made sure the :15 wasn’t just a recycled joke from the :60.

Since we were launching the Lego Batmobile just as we would any other Chevy, it made sense to reveal it at the North American International Auto Show. First, it’s presence was teased by a Bat Signal on the nearby GM headquarters.

Then we launched it as a new-vehicle reveal at the car show. Built from several
hundred thousand Legos, it dominated the showroom.