I worked on Orbit Gum for many years, and in that time I, and the rest of the Orbit team, had a ton of fun. We went through multiple iterations of the “Dirty Mouth?” campaign, exhausted two Orbit Girls, and all in all just tried to have the most fun giving brand meaning to what, in the end, is flavored chewable rubber.

One of my favorite spots that we did for this campaign started with a pretty dull brief from the client. “We want to talk about our fun new packaging.” So that’s what we did. And somewhere along the way that led to me hearing Garrett Morris, of ‘70s SNL fame, utter “Wax my butthole” over and over and over again….

Orbit – Orbit Dirty Backstory: Spin the Bottle

Another one of my favorite interpretations of the “Dirty Mouth?” campaign involved people
imagining the nastiness that led to somebody needing to clean up their mouth with Orbit.
A sort of dirty-mouthed backstory.

This particular spot, Spin the Bottle, aired with multiple endings:

And continued to get more oddly disturbing from there:

Orbit – Orbit Dirty Backstory: Bobbing for Apples