Ford was coming out with an aluminum truck, while Chevy’s trucks were still made
of steel. So we went to the world’s experts on powerful, heroic, things, Comic-Con
nerds, and asked them what they thought of a superhero made of aluminum.
We pitched them a new movie, complete with posters, character mock-up, a theme
song, and a convoluted back story. It, predictably, didn’t go over so well.

Aluminum man even got his own theme song:

He’s a man. An aluminum man.

Just like a can, Aluminum Man.
He’s lighter than steel, but those punches he can feel…
He’s a man, an aluminum man.

He’s an ally!
He’s an alloy!
Take’s time to heal.
….cause he’s not steel.
It’s Aluminum Man.

Aluminum Man!

Promotional poster